How do I prove my operating location is eligible?

Personal Accounts

Your account must first be identity verified (government ID)

You must be able to prove that you are living or operating in an eligible location

Your government ID, address, and form answers align and prove location OR

You can prove your trading activity happens in an eligible location (e.g. your existing ID with BlockQuake lists New Jersey but you have moved to New York)

Attach copy of lease with eligible address and your name on it AND

Attach copy of new state ID

Your original government ID submitted to BlockQuake was a U.S. passport, we will need you to attach a copy of your equivalent state level ID

Corporate Accounts

Your operating location needs to be verified with one of the following clearly showing company name and address in eligible location:

Office space lease

Utility bill (water bill, electricity bill, etc.)

Country payroll or personal tax payment if outside the U.S.

County or state personnel tax payments if inside the U.S.

If inside the US, state registration or other applicable state license

Proof NOT acceptable includes: 1) Articles of incorporation or other organizing documents 2) P.O. Box addresses 3) If inside the US only: payment of non-personnel federal, state, or county taxes

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